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Bureaus and Divisions

Orlando Chief of Police, Orlando Rolón oversees the day-to-day operations of the department which is made up of five bureaus. Chief Rolón heads up the Chief’s Staff Bureau. The other four bureaus are led by the following deputy chiefs:

  • Deputy Chief Mark Canty, Administrative Bureau
  • Deputy Chief Robert Anzueto, Investigative Services Bureau
  • Deputy Chief Jose Velez Jimenez, Patrol Services Bureau
  • Deputy Chief Eric Smith, Special Services Bureau
adminbureau chiefstaff investigativebureau
patrolservices specialservicesbureau

The Administrative Services Bureau is comprised of the Support Services Division, the Communications Division and the Recruiting Unit.
The Support Services Division consists of several sections vital to the success of the Orlando Police Department, including Records, Property and Evidence, quartermaster, Report Review Information, Criminal Intake and Witness Management.
Property and Evidence: Stolen property, with the exception of money or contraband that has been seized as evidence, shall be returned to its rightful owner as soon as possible.  This is provided that there is no uncertainty as to who the rightful owner is and there is no law enforcement reason for retaining the property.
If you have been notified that your stolen property has been recovered, please contact our Property and Evidence Section during business hours at 407.246.2445.
The Communications Division manages calls requesting response from police, fire and Emergency Medical Services. Employees receive a minimum of 232 hours of training and are certified by the Department of Health as a Public Safety Telecommunicator. Calls for police service are handled by our specially-trained police dispatchers. Apply to be an Emergency Communications Specialist. 
The Recruiting Unit employs individuals of diverse backgrounds, education and experience. Candidates are recruited from across the country and are selected through a rigorous process. The Recruiting Unit has led the charge in staffing the Orlando Police Department with more than 700 dedicated sworn personnel.

The Chief’s Staff Bureau is comprised of A Staff Director, Criminal Justice Section and Professional Standards Division.
The Staff Director reports directly to the Chief of Police and is responsible for managing the Police Chaplains and Media Relations.
The Criminal Justice Section includes the Police Legal Advisors’s and the City Prosecutor’s office. OPD legal advisors provide legal guidance on search warrants, contracts and labor and employment issues. Additionally, legal advisors handle civil forfeiture cases which may lead to the seizure of vehicles and money to be used for crime prevention.
Please note: The Police Legal Advisor’s Office does not represent or give legal advice to the citizens of Orlando.
The Professional Standards Division consists of the Internal Affairs Section , Training, Accreditation and Inspections Section, the Fiscal Management Section and the Strategic Planning and Grants Section.
The Investigative Services Bureau is made up of the Criminal Investigation Division, the Drug Enforcement Division and the Violent Crime Initiatives.
The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) includes Violent Crimes, Youth Services and Property. Violent Crimes focuses on crimes from assaults, robberies, stalking and domestic violence, homicide and missing persons. The Youth Services Section includes our Special Victims Unit, School Resource Officer Unit and the Super Kids Unit. This bureau works closely with the Criminal Nuisance Abatement board which hears complaints of public nuisances on properties where there are drug or prostitution related offenses.
The Property Section investigates thefts, burglaries, frauds and forgeries as well as vehicle thefts.
The Drug Enforcement Division (DED) conducts investigations and operations to control illegal drug activity throughout the City. The DED also collaborates with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies on task forces, such as the Central Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) task force and the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI).
The Violent Crimes Initiative houses OPD’s Intelligence Unit, which includes detectives and a team of analysts that work closely with officers throughout OPD and collect and analyze data to investigate crimes and prevent crimes from occurring.

The Patrol Services Bureau consists of the City’s first responders for all law enforcement aspects. From calls for service to community functions, these men and women serve with courage, pride and commitment. There are 393 Sworn and Professional Staff assigned to the Bureau comprised of the East, West and North Patrol Divisions. This is the largest bureau within the Orlando Police Department. It serves more than 270,000 residents, and millions of tourist that come to visit our city every year.

The North Patrol Division includes Patrol and the Neighborhood Patrol Unit (NPU). The Neighborhood Patrol Unit practices community policing strategies by engaging our citizens through collaborative problem solving efforts.

The West Patrol Division has Patrol, Tactical Anti-Crime Squads (TAC) and the International Drive Unit in the tourist corridor. The TAC Squads are deployed to areas experiencing crime trends and have been very successful arresting violent offenders through proactive enforcement.

The East Patrol Division includes Patrol and the non-sworn Community Service Officer (CSO) Unit who perform non-emergency law enforcement duties, including but not limited to responding to non-violent criminal incidents and traffic crashes.
The Patrol Services Bureau strives to build trust between the police department and the citizens we serve.

The Special Services Bureau includes the International Airport Division, Downtown Community Policing Division and the Special Operations Division.
The International Airport Division consists of the Administration Units (Investigations and Training and Special Projects) and the Patrol Watches.
The Downtown Community Policing Division includes the Community Relations Unit, Neighborhood Watch and the Volunteer Program.
The Special Operations Division includes the Traffic Enforcement Section (Motors, Traffic Homicide and School Crossing Guard Units) and the Special Patrol Section (Mounted Patrol Unit, K-9 Unit, Extra Duty Employment, Aviation Spotter and Vehicles for Hire).