Domestic Violence

InVEST Services | It Takes Courage

For immediate assistance, please call the Florida Domestic Violence Hotline at 800.500.1119,  TDD at 800.621.4202 or the Harbor House 24 Hour Hotline at 407.886.2856.

Or visit the following websites:


InVEST Services

The Intimate Violence Enhanced Services Team (InVEST) is a unique program designed to provide intensive service management and assistance to individuals identified to be in potentially lethal situations.  InVEST’s unique model allows law enforcement and DV centers to work together to identify victims at high risk for homicide and to enhance their possibility of receiving safety from further victimization.

Sponsored by The Orlando Police Department, The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence and The State of Florida Department of Children and Families.

It Takes Courage

DSC_4526Every year, our Orlando Police officers respond to nearly 3,000 domestic violence calls.  Our officers see on a daily basis, violence committed by abusers who promised to love and protect the victim.

No matter how much we reduce crime on the streets, it doesn’t mean anything if any of our residents live in fear in their own home.

Our Orlando Police Department continues to make great strides in reducing incidents of Domestic Violence through partnerships with community organizations like Harbor House of Central Florida.

In August 2011, the City partnered with Harbor House of Central Florida and launched It Takes Courage, a domestic violence community education campaign aimed at dramatically reducing and even stopping domestic abuse.
Sept 29 2012 It Takes Courage 3 a
In that first year alone, there was a reduction of 189 domestic violence offenses when compared to previous years.

In 2014, that reduction has gone down by 819 domestic violence offenses when compared to pre-campaign year.

The City of Orlando remains committed to working together with our community to move the needle on domestic violence, not only making our residents safer, but also in many cases, saving their lives.


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