Police Legal Advisor

Please note that the Police Legal Advisor’s Office does not represent or give legal advice to citizens of Orlando.

Public Records Requests:

You may submit a public records request by contacting the City of Orlando’ s City Clerk’s Office, City’s Records and Archive Management Services at 407.246.2148 or by email, records@cityoforlando.net. Please include the topic of your request in the subject line of your message as well as in the body of the message.

Property Requests:

If your property has been seized by OPD for forfeiture pursuant to §932.701-706, Florida Statutes, you may contact the Police Legal Advisor’s Office at 407.246.2464 with any questions. For all other property questions, contact the OPD Property and Evidence Section at 407.246.2445.



  • City Clerk’s Office, City Records and Archive Management Services
  • Florida Statute §932.701-706
  • City Policy 141.5, Public Records Request

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