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OPD Records Unit



Orlando Police Department
Attn: Records Unit
1250 W. South St.  
Orlando, Fl 32805
Phone: 407.246.2406
Email: opdrecords@cityoforlando.net

Orlando Police Department Sworn and Civilian personnel submit police reports usually by the end of their daily shifts.   Police reports need to be approved by the supervisors before they can be released to the general public. Certain Police reports are submitted to special divisions for further investigation. Additionally, some reports are exempt from public records per F.S.S. 119 and some redactions will have to be made before making the report available to the public. You may request records from the OPD Records unit in the following ways:

When requesting a report in-person or by mail, having a case number, victim/ defendant’s name or location will help us better research the case and it will reduce your waiting time.

Records and Records Requests

OPD records requests are handled in person at the Orlando Police Headquarters lobby or by postal mail to the address above.  Records Unit lobby hours are 8 a.m. through 4:45 p.m., Monday through Thursday. For after-hours requests, please complete this online form. Credit and debit cards are the only payment method accepted.

Arrest report copiesFor cases where an arrest has been made, you can only receive a copy of the charging affidavit.15 cents per page
Certified copy: $1.15 per page ($1 surcharge)
Calls for serviceThe number of times the police are called to a certain address, or location. To see active calls click here.15 cents per page
Crime gridsStatistical reports used by the Police Department to track crime in neighborhoods. These grids show which areas of the City are seeing an increase and/or decrease in crime, but also citizens can find the crime grid in which their home resides and request to get crime statistics for their neighborhood.15 cents per page
Equipment violation citationsOPD Records can only do inspections for citations for Florida Statutes 316.610 and 316.2935.$4 each
Incident report copiesThese are records of incidents that do not result in cases (or have not yet done so).15 cents per page, Certified copy: $1.15 per page ($1 surcharge)
MicrofilmThe requestor can only get screen prints of any data.25 cents per page, Certified copy: $1.15 per page ($1 surcharge)
Mug shots/X-imageThis is a photo of requestor from the online “Mug Shot” database. This is only available if the person has been arrested in Orange County, usually from 2004 to current year. This photo cannot be used as identification, but is requested if the person has lost their ID or it has been stolen/destroyed.$5 per copy
Traffic crash reportsTo obtain a traffic crash report, your options include using our online service here, submitting a request via postal mail or requesting in person. Motor vehicle crash information is confidential and exempt from disclosure for a period of 60 days after the date the crash report is filed (§ 316.066(3)(c) Fla. Stats 2003. You will need this form to request traffic report within 60 days of accident.

If less than 60 days, the report is ONLY releasable to:

Person(s) involved (name must be on the report)

Business/entity involved in the accident by way of a vehicle/employee/building, etc. The requesting individual must have a letter on letterhead for the requesting individual (i.e. Orange County Public Schools, if a school bus or vehicle is involved, etc.)

ANY insurance company or attorney with letter on file for the requestor. Records must have a letter of introduction on company letterhead for the requestor.

Parents of minor involved – must have birth certificate or legal document for guardian/adoptive parent.

$2 per copy
Traffic homicide reportAny traffic related injury is handled by Traffic Homicide Unit, including hit and run and officer related traffic injuries.$25 each

Background Checks

The cost of background checks is $10. To process a background check we need the following information:

  • Name, birth date, social security number and whether the request is for a job, apartment or immigration.
  • Background checks may be requested in-person or by mail to:
    • Orlando Police Department
      Attn: Records Unit
      1250 W. South St.
      Orlando, Fl 32805

For other City of Orlando records requests contact Orlando’s City Clerk’s office:

Custodian of Records:
City Clerk for the City of Orlando

400 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
records@cityoforlando.net (Please include the topic of your request in the subject line of your message as well as in the body of the message.)

Visit the City Clerk’s Public Records page. 


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