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Special Events Permitting

Welcome to the Orlando Police Department’s Special Events Permit web page. The following information should help answer some of your questions about whether or not you need a permit from the Orlando Police Department. If none of the following permits fit your event needs, contact the City Permitting Services Division at 407.246.2271 for assistance.

Types of Special Events Permits

Outdoor Public Assembly Permit (18A):
Required when any event of 100 or more people is taking place on City property or will impede a City roadway. When a temporary structure or alcohol will be in the street, or if there will be vending on a City street or property, the application must be approved by City Council (the application must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event).

Aeronautical Permit:
Required when helicopters will be within the City limits, at any one location, for any length of time (i.e. helicopter rides, installing air conditioning units on buildings, etc.).

Block Party Permit:
Required when a neighborhood association or a group of neighbors want to have a block party in front of their homes (they must be part of the immediate neighborhood). No more than 200 people are allowed in attendance and no alcohol is permitted. This permit involves a portion of the road being closed during the hours of the party.

Fireworks Permit:
Required for any fireworks (pyrotechnics) display.

Loudspeaker Permit:
Required when any amplified device is to be used outside on City property or private property.

If an alcohol license or extension is needed for your event, the application can be obtained at the State Beverage Office (400 W. Robinson St). Once the application is obtained, the Revenue Office and City of Orlando Permitting Services – Zoning (City Hall) must sign off on it (Zoning will not approve this until OPD Permitting has approved your event). Once you get approval from Revenue and Zoning, your final alcohol permit may be obtained from the State Beverage Office. The State Beverage Office needs at least 14 days before your event to process the application (If the number of applications is high, it can take longer to get approval).

Applying for a Special Event Permit

To apply for permits, such as aeronautical, block party, fireworks, loudspeaker or public assembly, please use the Online Application.
*Note: You do NOT need to create a log-in or obtain an account number

Click here to read further instructions on using the mygov.us online application, what permits are available, what documents you may need and view updates to the permitting process.

Please be aware that we are still working on the function that will allow you to pay online. Therefore, as soon as you submit the application you will need to mail or bring in a check for the permit processing fee.

Questions? Contact the Special Events Coordinator, Orlando Police Department at 407.246.3661.

For more information on Special Events Permits in the City, please view the Permitting Services Page

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