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A well-trained police officer is a critical part of the City of Orlando’s commitment to reduce crime and maintain livable neighborhoods.  Chief of Police John Mina is fully committed to making sure those officers who wear the badge of the Orlando Police Department are the best trained in the country. The Training Unit is responsible to the chief for making this happen.

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At the very start of each police career the Training Unit is involved.  An experienced and highly qualified Orlando police officer is assigned to the Police Academy at the Valencia College Criminal Justice Institute as a coordinator.  During the 700 hours of training, the coordinator makes certain each police recruit is given the attention they need and that they are fully committed to achieving and maintaining the highest level of performance demanded by this agency.

Each officer must pass a comprehensive test required by the State of Florida to be a certified police officer.  Once certified, they come to our agency and spend four weeks in orientation and 14 weeks in the Field Training Officer (FTO) Program.  Orientation exposes each recruit to the specific culture of our agency through training in our policies, defensive tactics, driving, shooting and computer processes. Photo Training FacilityThe FTO Program requires each recruit to operate as a police officer on the streets of Orlando under the observation of our highly-trained Field Training Officers.  They are exposed to real-life policing; everything from responding to in-progress crimes to giving directions to lost citizens.  At the end of 14 weeks, the recruit becomes an officer and is released to solo patrol, but the training doesn’t stop there.  Each and every year any officer who wears our badge, has to attend hundreds of hours of training to maintain their proficiency in driving, shooting, defensive tactics, CPR and First Aid, legal aspects and how to professionally interact with the people they are charged to protect.

The motto of the Orlando Police Department’s Training Unit is “Train Today/Win Tomorrow,” and they are dedicated to making sure that each officer that leaves their loved ones and comes to work returns at the end of their shifts…no exceptions.

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