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Survey Services

Survey Services

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The City of Orlando Survey Services Section provides surveying and guidance for all City departments involving surveying and mapping. In addition, the survey section provides surveys, producing every type of survey defined in Chapter 472 of the Florida Statutes and Chapter 5J-17 of the Florida Administrative Code. Since the incorporation of the City, there has been a surveyor on staff to provide land-surveying duties for the operations of the City. Originally an elected position, the City Surveyor is responsible for establishing protocol for surveying and mapping, including establishing the standards for the City and to ensure compliance with all state, federal and local laws and codes.

Survey Services does not provide surveys for the public. It can assist the public with questions regarding surveying occurring in their area, but does not perform surveys of private property unless directed by the City Engineer or Public Works Director. This generally involves public projects that may impact private property.

City of Orlando Control ArcGIS Map
Use ArcGIS Online Mapping to quickly locate City of Orlando Benchmarks. Users can find control information by computer or most Android and Apple devices.  Click here to see the City of Orlando ArcGIS Benchmark Map.


Historical Vertical Control Benchmark Database (For older benchmarks, this database is not current)

The survey section establishes and publishes vertical control for the purpose of public and private work and for the use in Federal Emergency Management Agency programs, including flood zone management and insurance. Find City benchmarks here.



Please send your comments to Richard Allen, PSM, City Surveyor


Platting Info

Links to other surveying and government survey listings


City Hall Operations 400 S. Orange Avenue

Richard Allen, PSM, CFM
City Surveyor

Assistant City Surveyor

For Platting Inquiries
Ken Brown
CADD Technician III

Field Operations 1030 Woods Avenue
David Volpe, CST IV
Field Crew Supervisor