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Wartville Wizard Packet

Order your copy of The Wartville Wizard Education Packet (book, DVD or video, lesson plans)  (based on the children’s book written and illustrated by Don Madden)

Keep Orlando Beautiful, Inc. is pleased to offer an environmental education packet based on the charming children’s story, The Wartville Wizard, by Don Madden. In this story, the town of Wartville is being buried in trash. A tidy old man realizes he has the power to get rid of all the trash forever. People of all ages will enjoy this story about taking care of our environment.

The educational packet includes a softcover book, a DVD or videotape and a teacher resource guide, which includes multidisciplinary lessons based on The Wartville Wizard.

D7, Inc., a production company, brought The Wartville Wizard video to life. They animated the story, added special sound effects and enhanced it with music composed especially for the DVD.  This copyrighted DVD is approximately 14 minutes long and may not be altered in any way.

Please note that Keep Orlando Beautiful, Inc. is in no way profiting from the distribution of these educational packets.

Please make checks payable to:
Keep Orlando Beautiful, Inc.
1010 S. Woods Ave.
Orlando, FL 32805