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KOB Donation Page

KOBlogo_NEW-COLORThis page is dedicated to appreciating the Orlando community that enables our organization to continuously strive towards our goals. Recognizing the hard work of our volunteers, organizational members, donors, and sponsors, this page serves as a medium through which those who want to become involved can donate. All donated funds are directly funneled back into helping KOB purchase needed field supplies, host outreach events, organize community upkeep programs, and many more vital community engagements.

You have the ability, through your gracious donations, to help support the people who live, work, learn and play in the area you reside, promoting a better overall Orlando community. In addition Keep Orlando Beautiful, Inc. is a registered 501 (c) (3) organization allowing contributions made by yourself and other donors to be tax deductible.

If you would like to donate just click the button below and it will redirect you to our donation page, there clicking on the button titled “tickets” in green will allow you to donate. KOB will also create a section on this web page where those who donate will be acknowledged for their generosity. If you would rather stay anonymous then simply enter “anonymous” when donating on the site linked. We greatly appreciate your support, time, and generosity!

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We felt that one of the best ways to illustrate how KOB donations are implemented would be to do a visually stimulating table as if you were shopping online. The purpose of the table is to assist you in visualizing what your gracious donations help fund and the impact they have on the Orlando community!

Items your donations support!

KOB Packages used in our outreach programsItems needed for each packageEstimated cost of each package
Recycling Bin Implementation: Recycling Bins joinedPackage Includes:
- Recycling Bin
- Bags
- Maintenance
- Informative Postings
Tree Planting Package: DSCN0073Package Includes:
- Tree
- Preparation
- Maintenance Items
- Shovels
Painting Package:
Download April 2015 419
Package includes:
- Paint brush
- Gloves
- Paint
- Protective mask
- Paint pan
Planting Package:IMG_9923Package includes:
- Shovel
- Trowel
- New vegetation
- Cloth gloves
- Watering can
Event Package:
Package includes:
- Educational giveaways
- Refreshments
- Tables
- Tent
- Brochures
- Pamphlets
Litter Package:
Haralson Estates 2015 081
Package includes:
- Litter pickers
- Protective gloves
- Garbage bags
- Volunteer vests
Education Package:
Children learning
Package includes:
- Presenter
- Educational items
- Table
- Engagement devices
Graffiti Removal Package:
download09.11.15 134
Package Includes:
- Gloves
- Graffiti wipes
- Paint
- Fumes mask
- Ladder
Poo-llution Package:
Download April 2015 539
Package includes:
- Poo bags
- Brochures
- Informative cards
- Upkeep items