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Trash 2 Trends Application

Deadline to apply has been EXTENDED to Monday, November 4, 2019.

A committee will select the top 30-35 designs. The designs for this runway show will be chosen based on the uniqueness and originality of the overall design, technical skills and type of materials used and/or how they are manipulated.

Why Participate?

  • Express your talent through a unique design with purpose.
  • Expose your design and talent to hundreds of other artists, designers, magazines, media, art museums, design companies and so much more. You never know who will be in the audience at Trash 2 Trends.
  • Support Keep Orlando Beautiful, the local community, local art and design. Be part of something incredible, forward thinking and unique.
  • Have a fun experience and meet many other likeminded artists.

How It Works

  • Read over everything very carefully and submit your application and sketch.
  • One design per designer may be submitted.
  • Designs can be for men or women (no pets or children).
  • If chosen, your design will be showcased by a model of your choice, which is up to you find. KOB also assists in getting a model if needed.
  • Designers and models MUST BE 18 years old or older.
  • You will be notified shortly after the application due date to let you know if you will be part of the show in 2020.

The Rules

  • Materials in your design must only be items headed to the landfill (or recycling facility) or that have served their purpose and reached the end of their life. Think outside the bin! What do you see out there that has a short life or one time use. Using different or unusual materials will make your design stand out.
  • Your design should include some sort of sustainable message or simply use waste in an innovative way. Get your inspiration from anything you desire and have a story for it.
  • Your design can be wearable art and/or ready to wear (either way, your model has to be able to walk the runway in your design).
  • No raw materials, fabric or muslin may be used.
  • Materials can be written on, printed on, dyed and manipulated.
  • Zippers, button, fasteners are permitted.
  • Your application must include a list of ALL materials you plan to use, how you will construct the design and a sketch.

Important Tips

  • The materials you choose should be unique and/or if common, manipulated in a sense so that they are unrecognizable.
  • The more unusual materials and construction technique, the better.
  • Very few designs for men are entered so we encourage them.
  • Try to utilize items that are not easily recycled or are single use, highlighting their contribution to the waste stream.
  • Make your design thought provoking and engaging.
  • Have fun! Be wildly creative.

The top 5 designs will be voted on by a panel of judges and categories will be determined after the Call for Artists.

Questions or Concerns?

Call or email Sean Hipps at 407.246.2752 or

Downloadable copy of Call for Artists information

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