Recycling Drop-Off

What you can place in Recycling Drop-Off containers:                      
Cans: Aluminum, tin, steel, bi-metal, lids from jars
Paper: Newspapers, cardboard (flattened), junk mail, carton board (such as cereal boxes), magazines
Plastics: All containers and shapes, plastic laundry detergent with a one or two symbols on the bottom
Glass: Food containers, beverage containers
Milk Cartons, juice boxes, soy/rice milk cartons

What can be dropped off?

Recycling drop-off containers may be found at the following locations:

See Map

The Department of Corrections

2301 Meeting Place (on the north side of the building)

Dover Shore Community Center
1400 Gaston Foster Rd.

Engelwood Neighborhood Center
6123 Lacosta Dr.

Lake Fairview Park
2200 Lee Rd.

Northwest Community Center
3955 WD Judge Rd.

Orlando Repertory Theatre
1001 E. Princeton St. (south side of building)

Orlando Skate Park
400 Festival Way

Solid Waste Management Division
1028 S. Woods Ave. (Front of the building)

Solo Food Mart
2000 W. Church St. (Corner of Tampa Ave. and Church St.)

Southport Park
8706 Daetwyler Dr. (Off Daetwyler, near the ball fields)

Fire Station 12
1588 Park Center Dr.


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