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Residential Garbage

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Request a garbage/recycling cart

Find your trash/recycling schedule, as well as large item pick up dates. You can also make an appointment for a large item collection that fits your schedule. Use the tool below to schedule a time.

Learn more about the weekly collection program

Garbage Regulations:

  • Garbage must be placed in carts provided by the City (request one now)
  • All household garbage should be bagged and placed inside the cart
  • Do not overload the cart or place items on top of the cart
  • For curb collection, carts should be placed at least two feet from obstacles, e.g. mailboxes, utility boxes, trees and shrubs
  • Place the cart at the curb with the handle and the wheels facing the house
  • Carts may be placed curbside between 5 p.m. the night before collection and 6 a.m. on the day of collection
  • Carts must be removed from the curb by the morning after your collection. Carts left on the curb the morning after the scheduled pickup may result in a $25 fee
  • Do not place hazardous waste, such as cleaning materials, oil, paint, pesticides or medical waste in the cart.

Other Information:

  • Large Item Safety: It is required to remove all doors from refrigerators and freezers before placing on the curb, this is to ensure children do not become trapped inside the appliances.
  • Holiday pick up
    • Garbage and recycling are picked up on all holidays, except Thanksgiving and Christmas
    • Christmas tree disposal – remove all decorations, place tree curbside on regular yard waste day. If tree is more than six feet tall, please cut it in half
  • Stolen garbage cart
  • Start/stop garbage collection
    • All collection accounts are handled by OUC, call 407.423.9018 or go online at ouc.com
  • Garbage collection fee
    • Fees are billed by OUC and listed on customers’ monthly utility bill. The standard monthly residential fee for solid waste pick up is currently $19.28


View hazardous waste disposal locations and contact information

Paint Cans

  • If cans are opened, cleaned out and any leftover paint is dry, you may place these cans in your garbage carts
  • Wet paint and other hazardous material can be taken to specific Orange County locations.

Household Hazardous Material

All hazardous material must disposed of at specific Orange County locations.