City of Orlando Roll-Off/Compactor
Franchise Companies

The City of Orlando maintains a Non-Exclusive Franchise to provide roll-off container collection and disposal of solid waste within the City of Orlando Limits.  There are more than 25 approved franchise companies currently working in the City of Orlando.  Each of the companies are properly licensed, equally qualified and must go through a thorough application process before being approved as a franchise hauler.

When selecting a hauler to provide roll-off /compacter service within the City Limits, it is a good practice to receive price quotes from several haulers before making a selection.

As required by the Non-Exclusive Franchise, every customer of a franchise hauler must sign a service agreement to prove they have requested the service.  The terms of the service cannot continue beyond three years nor have an automatic renewal clause.

A complete list of approved franchise haulers and their contact numbers are listed below.

Advanced Disposal Services 407.464.0664
American Waste Management 407.420.5828
Anderson Rentals 800.553.2213
Bob Randolph 352.429.9291
Central Florida Dumpsters 407.880.3025
City Of Orlando 407.246.2314
Comfort House, Inc. 407.647.2002
Container Rental Co. 407.298.8555
CRM 407.884.1834
DisposAll, Inc. 407.389.8000
GRD 407.295.0400
Keller Outdoor, Inc. 407.330.2750
Liberty Hauling Services 877.452.3954
Pece of Mind 407.568.3456
Progressive 407.831.1539
Randy Suggs 407.886.8835
Republic Services of Florida 407.293.8000
Russo and Sons, Inc. 407.931.3920
Signature Landscaping 407.622.0011
Sunshine Recycling 407.843.7990
Waste Management, Inc. of Florida 407.843.7370
Waste Pro of Orlando
Waste Runners

If you have any questions about the City’s roll-off franchise, you may contact us via email at


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