Weekly Recycling and Garbage Collection

Weekly collection will begin the week of Monday, June 26, (phase 2)

Extended Pilot Details
Weekly collection will:

  • Increase recycling to once per week
  • Decrease garbage collection to once per week
  • Remain once a week for yard waste and large items

* If your household produces more garbage than the one cart can hold, a second garbage cart will be issues at no extra cost as long as you recycle.

Phase Timeline

  • Phase 2:  June 26, 2017
  • Phase 3:  August 21, 2017

Phase 2 Locations

View Map of all Phases (PDF)

* Each neighborhood/zone will be notified prior to weekly collection beginning

Why Weekly Collection
The City launched a pilot program, in seven Orlando neighborhoods, in February 2016. Recycling collection was increased from once every other week to once per week, and garbage collection was reduced from twice per week to once per week. The goal of the program was to meet the demand for increased recycling service by current participants and to encourage more resident participation in our recycling program.

Due to the success of this pilot, we are expanding the pilot city-wide in several phases in 2017. By providing increased recycling pickup, we hope more residents will participate in the City’s recycling program and help make Orlando one of the most sustainable cities in America.

Representatives from the Solid Waste Division will be joining City Commissioners at community meetings to further discuss the transition to weekly garbage and recycling collection. Meetings for Phase 3 will take place in August 2017. Please check back for a list of dates and locations.


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