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Collectively the community can make a positive impact on our water quality from our City’s lakes to our world’s oceans. The Streets and Stormwater Division works with a variety of community members and groups to help inform our residents about how we can reduce pollution in our waterways.

Community Engagement and Education Programs

EducationIconFree Outreach Programs: The Streets and Stormwater division offers free education and outreach programs for schools, neighborhoods, community organizations, and more!
ScheduleIconScheduled events: Join the Streets and Stormwater team at an upcoming community education or volunteer event.
VolunteerIconVolunteering: Get involved in raising community awareness about stormwater pollution prevention and keeping our lakes clean!

Learn How to Prevent Stormwater Pollution

ListenToLawnIconListen to your lawn: Did you know that excess fertilizer enters our local waterways via groundwater and stormwater runoff? Gus St. Augustine asks you to “Listen to your Lawn” and learn how to properly fertilize your landscape.
BagItIconBag it, don't blow it: Leaves, grass clippings, and other yard debris that end up on streets and sidewalks get washed away into the storm drains. This causes storm drains to clog and sends excess nutrients into our local waterways, affecting water quality. Bag it, don’t blow it, to keep our lakes clean!
PooIconStop the Poo-llution: Unscooped poo is not only smelly and unsightly, but it is bad for human health and the environment, too! Pet waste gets washed away down storm drains and into local lakes. Stop the Poo-llution, pick up after your pet!
BetterLakesIconBetter Businesses, Better Lakes: Anytime something is poured or swept into a street, parking lot or driveway, it will most likely end up in one of Orlando’s lakes. When businesses discard debris or wastewater into the streets and storm drains, they are contributing to lake pollution. Learn more about how your business can be a better steward of our lakes.
OilIconRecycle Your Cooking Oil: Pouring oil and grease down the drain is the leading cause of sewer backups in homes. Sewer backups can lead to overflows in the sewage lines, which can contaminate local waterbodies. Take advantage of the City of Orlando’s free cooking oil recycling program to help eliminate sewer backups.

Prefer to watch instead of read? View our video library to learn about streets and stormwater initiatives.

Contact Kristen Sims at kristen.sims@cityoforlando.net for additional information.

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