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Free Outreach Programs

Free Education Programs from the City of Orlando

The Streets and Stormwater Division is available to visit your class, group or organization – at no cost!
We also offer educational experiences as part of a field trip to the City of Orlando’s Water Reclamation and Education Center on L.B. Mcleod Road. Please fill out an interest form to coordinate a visit.

For Students

Pre-K to 2nd Grade:

All the Way to the Ocean Storybook Reading

This program includes a reading of All the Way to the Ocean by Joel Harper and activities that teach children how human actions link directly back to nature, with specific emphasis on littering and the stormwater system. The book reading program aligns with Florida Standards.

Duration: Approximately 30 min

2nd Grade to Adult:

Enviroscape Program

The EnviroScape is an interactive, hands-on educational tool that is effective with all ages. This 3D model landscape illustrates possible sources of water pollution including residential, recreational, agricultural, industrial, and transportation areas across a watershed. With a highly engaging series of demonstrations, participants learn how their actions affect the water in a community. The Enviroscape model acts as a visual aide that accompanies a guided discussion, allowing a wide range of age groups and knowledge levels to take advantage of the program. The Enviroscape Program aligns with Florida Standards .

Program Goal: Create behavior change to adopt Best Management Practices to help decrease or eliminate the learner’s contribution to stormwater pollution.

Program participants will:

  • define watershed, stormwater, and runoff.
  • understand how urban development affects stormwater runoff.
  • identify sources of stormwater pollution, both from a community and individual perspective.
  • understand the cumulative impact of a watershed’s stormwater pollution on waterbodies.
  • identify actions to reduce stormwater pollution.

Duration: 30 to 50 minutes

Water Quality Monitoring

Students will have an opportunity to test a variety of water quality factors to determine the health of a local lake using a sample of real lake water. Students will use the results of their tests to determine what may be causing any pollution problems and determine ways to fix the problems from an individual, community, and organizational view. The data collected will be added to as part of a global citizen science initiative. This program can be highly modified to accommodate for the appropriate age group, ranging from 2nd grade to adults.

Duration: 30 min to 1 hour


For Community Organizations

Lakes and Neighbors

Let stormwater and lake enhancement be the theme of your next group meeting! We will provide specific information about your neighborhood’s drainage basin and lake quality, potential flooding issues, and present suggestions for your group to improve or protect the health of your waterbody, including volunteer opportunities for storm drain sign installation and lake cleanups. Keep Orlando Beautiful will donate supplies for cleanups, and the City of Orlando will furnish storm drain signs!

Suggested audience: Neighborhood associations and civic organizations.

Duration: 15 to 30 minutes.

Custom Programs

Custom programs for your audience are available in the following areas:

  • Lake Water Quality, Management, Sampling and Habitat Improvement
  • Stormwater Runoff and Pollution
  • Illicit Discharge Prevention

These programs are perfect for your classroom, after school program, scout group, camp, club, volunteer organization, neighborhood association, or business within the City of Orlando.

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Contact Kristen Sims, Public Awareness Specialist, Streets and Stormwater Division at 407.246.2257 or for more information.