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Report Lake and Stormwater Pollution


The City of Orlando’s storm drains empty directly into more than 100 lakes. When it rains, pollution left on our City streets is carried to storm drains and directly to our lakes. The discharge of polluting matter in natural waters is prohibited and can result in fines up to $1,000 per incident, per day. View the City Ordinance here.

Polluting Matter:

  • Chemicals
  • Paints
  • Soaps (even biodegradable)
  • Antifreeze & automotive products
  • Pet waste
  • Silt or soil
  • Degreasers & solvents
  • Lawn Clippings
  • Leaves & branches
  • Pesticides & herbicides
  • Fertilizers
  • Petroleum products (oil, grease, gasoline)


You can prevent pollution and report pollution.


Common Signs of a Violation:

  • Dirty or glistening water flowing down the street
  • Grass clippings or leaves in the street and the appearance of a recently maintained yard
  • An individual blowing, raking or mowing leaves and grass clippings into the street
  • An individual rinsing out a dirty container or emptying a dirty container into the street or a parking lot


To report Stormwater Pollution, call the Stormwater Hotline at 407.246.2370 or send an email to stormwater@cityoforlando.net.


Information to report to Stormwater Hotline (407.246.2370) or email:

  1. Address of violation
  2. Date/time
  3. Violation
  4. Brief description of the vehicle and/or person(s) involved

Non-Compliance List for Private Storm Systems (Updated: October 25, 2019)

Enforcement DateAddressRepresentative NameGeneral Description
October 22, 20193700 Curry Ford RoadThe outfall structures on the southwest side need all debris and sediments removed
October 16, 20194601 East Colonial DriveBest BuyRemove overgrowth, trash, debris; Mow slopes
October 9, 2019232 North Orange Blossom TrailRemove all sediment and debris from inlets, exfiltration and detention pond
October 9, 2019410 North Orange Blossom TrailThe retention ponds need to have all overgrowth removed by the root systems
October 9, 2019424 North Orange Blossom TrailThe detention ponds need to have all overgrowth removed by the root systems
September 13, 20191200 West Colonial DriveFrank WilsonThe detention ponds need to have all overgrowth removed by the root systems
June 27, 20191625 Mercy DriveRiviera VillasRoof drains are eroding the ditch
June 25, 20195725 Major BoulevardLexusThe control structure is not functioning and is flooding the neighbor’s property
June 21, 20194177 L B McLeod RoadThe gutter system is blowing out the banks and needs to be redesigned
June 19, 2019625 East Colonial DriveThe roof drain system at 633 E Colonial Dr is draining into a small retention system to the west and is causing water to enter the residential property to the north
July 6, 2019327 South Orange Blossom TrailCharley CarpenterSite flooding during every rain event
April 24, 20192110 Edgewater DriveAll roof drains and gutters are clogged with leaves and debris
April 15, 20192728 East Colonial DriveThe retention pond on the south side of the property is overgrown
March 15, 20192300 East Colonial DriveSun TrustThe stormwater manhole on the northeast side of 2300 Hillcrest St is clogged and not draining properly. The manhole is overflowing and causing water to pool on Hillcrest.
n/a3600 Rio Vista AvenueBlake LandrumErosion to City maintained ditch. The property causing the erosion is in the County. Sent to the County to address.
October 4, 20196905 Municipal DrivePond needs to be cleaned and returned to approved standards
December 28, 20188100 McCoy RoadEnterprise HoldingsRemove all sediments overgrowth in ponds and ditches
August 10, 20185850 Lakehurst DriveInternational Development Group LLCRemove all overgrowth trash and debris
September 8, 2018700 South Kirkman RoadCircle K StoresRemove all accumulated sediments from pond and flumes; Repair underdrain cap; Repair erosion; Re-sod
May 25, 20183599 Midiron DriveJohn TelesphorusCity ditch was piped without permits. Ditch needs to be returned as designed or permitted to be piped properly
November 1, 20180 Ringhaver DriveAirport Industrial Park Authority IncThe stormwater pipe is no longer functioning as designed. The pipe has eroded around the outfall and discharged location. Multiple sections of the pipe have broken free. The grate for the control structure is missing and should be replaced as soon as possible.
July 7, 20189101 Lee Vista BoulevardStormline failed causing the large depression to form
April 5, 20152814 Curry Ford RoadWalgreens CoReplace broken spillway as plans show
March 31, 20155600 Westgate BoulevardMajestic Life MinistriesStormline failed causing a large depression to form; Re-permit the replacement of the outfall pipe; Repair erosion
December 9, 20111125 South Semoran BoulevardOh Que Bueno RestaurantThe retention/detention stormwater system is to be returned to its original design, according to plans or redesigned to accommodate for stormwater storage and treatment. Permits must be acquired from City of Orlando Permitting Services and SJRWMD