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Stormwater Utility Fee

A Stormwater Utility Fee is imposed on each parcel of land within the City. Properties that have existing stormwater management facilities in accordance with the Orlando Urban Stormwater Management Manual (OUSWMM), or those planning such facilities, may have their fee reduced or pro-rated as determined by the Streets & Stormwater Division Manager.

The annual utility fee for developed property is based on the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU).   The Streets & Stormwater Division maintains a database and assigns a billing class code to each parcel. Each parcel is charged a reasonable and equitable fee in accordance with its assigned ERU and site mitigation factors, if any.

Developed properties, which meet the OUSWMM criteria, will have their fee discounted. Those properties with on-site mitigation, which do not fully meet OUSWMM criteria, may receive a partial discount as determined by the division manager.

The stormwater utility fee is billed annually as a non-ad valorem charge on the Orange County Property Tax Bill, and is collected through the County Tax Collectors Office.  Non-ad valorem charges are those not based on the value of the property.

Utility Fee Flow Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

*Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) is based on a typical Single Family Residential Parcel of 7760 square feet with 2000 square feet of impervious surface area. A parcel’s ERU equivalence equals the amount of impervious area (measured in square feet) divided by 2000.