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The City of Orlando created Transportation Planning in 1988 to manage growth pressures on the transportation system and its funding. This division continues to integrate transportation systems with land use patterns that offer residents and visitors travel choices and convenient access to goods, services, information, jobs, schools, recreation and civic involvement. The Transportation Planning Division’s work focuses on four key areas:

  • Transportation capital planning and finance
  • Systems and long-range planning
  • Transit
  • Bike and pedestrian planning and development review


  • Planning and coordinating improvements to the City’s major road network, public transportation, airports, bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Develop, maintain and update the Transportation Element of the City’s Growth Management Plan (GMP)
  • Develop additional transportation capacity through oversight of transportation projects to accommodate growth
  • Enhance transportation systems by initiating transit service expansion
  • Maintain travel demand forecasting models (Florida Standard Urban Transportation Modeling Structure) and develop alternative funding sources
  • Coordinate the City’s involvement in federal, state and regional transportation issues
  • Evaluate projects during development review to determine the impacts of transportation and
    mitigation needs
  • Develop, maintain and update the Major Thoroughfare Plan found in Chapter 61 of the City Code
  • Maintain the City’s Access Management ordinance found in Chapter 61 of the City Code
  • Develop, maintain and update the Mobility Management sections found in Chapter 59 of the City Code
  • Develop, maintain and update the Transportation Impact Fee Ordinance found in Chapter 56 of the City Code
  • Growth Management Plan 

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