Bicycle & Pedestrian Count Program

The City installed two bicycle/pedestrian counters in June 2015 that will rotate every 30 days around various locations within the City of Orlando, including Lake Eola, the Orlando trail network, Downtown Orlando, Parramore and other locations on an as-needed basis.

Annual Report

To view the Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program 2016 Annual Report, please click HERE.

The 2015 Annual Report can be viewed HERE.


The City of Orlando currently takes annual roadway counts on all major streets, which only tracks automobile traffic. Without the capability to track cyclists and pedestrians, the City of Orlando is at a disadvantage as there is no way to accurately understand the level of service provided on certain bicycle and pedestrian corridors.


Getting baseline data for bicycles and pedestrians allows the City to better understand the patterns of usage on various types of transportation infrastructure. The data gathered by the program will be used to understand existing transportation corridors, trails, and parks and to provide a more comprehensive look at the City’s transportation model.


The counts will be taken on a 24-hour basis for a 30-day period at each location. Click HERE for the latest data reports.


The bicycle and pedestrian counters used by the City of Orlando only detect users that pass directly by the counting device; they cannot count users outside of the range of the device. The only data collected is the total number of passersby and their direction of travel. The counters do not distinguish between cyclists and pedestrians. The counters may occasionally go offline for a variety of reasons, which may affect the data for that count period.

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