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Bike Parking

Why Is Bike Parking Important?
Enhancing and promoting sustainable transportation is a pillar of the City of Orlando’s Green Works Initiative. Providing bicycle parking encourages people to use their bicycles as transportation. People are more likely to use a bike if they are provided convenient and secure parking at their destination.

View the Bicycle Lock Safety Tips Brochure (PDF)

How to Lock Up Your Bicycle

  • Choose a location – Find a bicycle rack securely anchored to the ground. Be sure the rack can support your bicycle upright in two places. Choose a location that is highly visible and well lit.
  • Lock your bicycle – Lean your bicycle against the rack so that the bicycle will not tip over. Take the U-Lock and form a closed loop around the bike rack, bike frame, and front wheel. If you have a second lock, wrap it around the bike rack, bike frame, and rear wheel.
  • Double Check – Before leaving your bicycle, double check that both locks have been secured. Don’t leave any removable items on your bicycle.

More Tips

  • Always lock your bicycle, even when you are home.
  • Replace detachable items such as lights, bells, or bags with ones that bolt onto the bicycle for additional security.
  • Beware of locking your bicycle to temporary structures not anchored to the ground.
  • Use a modern, high-quality U-Lock with a flat or disc key.
  • Lock your bicycle close by and in view.
  • If possible, lock your bicycle inside the building.
  • Consider registering your bike with the National Bike Registry.