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Bike Rack Information

Enhancing and promoting sustainable transportation is a pillar of the City of Orlando’s Green Works Initiative. Providing bike parking encourages people to use their bicycles as transportation. People are more likely to use a bike if they are provided convenient and secure parking at their destination.

Bike Rack Request Program
The City of Orlando has a program in place to install bike racks within the public right-of-way for the purpose of increasing the amount of available bike parking. If you would like to request a bike rack for your business, fill out our online request form.

Bike Rack Request Form

Development Requirements
For new development and redevelopment projects, bike parking must be provided in accordance with Land Development Code requirements. Locations and types of bike parking must be shown in building site plans and approved by the Transportation Department.

Bike Rack Design
There are multiple acceptable designs for bike racks, produced by many manufacturers. Features of an acceptable bike rack include:

  • Stable structure securely anchored in a permanent foundation
  • Ability to support an upright bike by its frame in two (2) places
  • Design that prevents the bike from tipping over
  • Ability to support a variety of bike sizes and frame shapes
  • Space to secure the frame and one or both wheels to the rack

Acceptable racks, like the “hitch” and upside down “U” racks fit a variety of bike types:

The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals has compiled a list a bike rack types that should be avoided.

View the types of bike racks that are discouraged in the City of Orlando (PDF)


Location is an important factor in the utility of a bike rack and should be both safe and accessible.

Safe locations are:

  • In full view
  • Near pedestrian traffic, windows and/or well-lit areas
  • Sheltered to protect bikes from inclement weather
  • Not obstructing pedestrian traffic

Accessible locations are:

  • Between the road/path that cyclists use and the entrance of the building
  • Not up stairs or large curbs
  • Preferably near handicap accessible ramps
  • Spacious enough to allow room for bikes of all shapes and sizes to use the racks
  • Close to the main entrance cyclists use for the building

Weather protected bike parking is appealing to cyclists and is twice as likely to be used as exposed parking options. Bike lockers inside parking garages are a desirable choice for cyclists.

Using the building design to add sheltered storage is a creative means to supply much needed parking options for cyclists.

Custom designs and “artistic” racks can also be used, provided they meet the criteria for an acceptable Bike rack. Some examples include:

Fill Out the Bike Rack Request Form

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