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Bikesharing FAQ

What is bikesharing?Bike Share is a network of shared and branded bicycles for rent using advanced automated technology, which can be used as an on-demand form of transportation on a short term basis. The shared bicycles can be picked up and dropped at different stations within an interconnected network.
How does bikesharing work?A prospective member will be able to buy a program membership online or at a kiosk. This enables the user to rent a bicycle at any time during the membership period. The bicycles are GPS based and allow for the user to pick up and drop off the bicycle at various locations throughout Downtown Orlando.
What is the cost?The cost of getting a daily, weekly, or annual membership to the bikeshare program is comparable to other transit systems throughout Central Florida and the United States. For further information regarding pricing please go to orlandobikeshare.com .
How many bikes and stations will be within the City of Orlando?A minimum of two hundred (200) bicycles at twenty (20) stations will be provided for the first phase of the program.
Where will the stations be located?Phase I will be located in and around the Central Business District of Downtown Orlando. A map of the station locations can be viewed Phase I will be located in and around the Central Business District of Downtown Orlando. A map of the station locations can be viewed here.
Why is this needed in Orlando?The City of Orlando recognizes that there is a need to complement the LYMMO and SunRail systems with an additional service that will help accomplish the “last mile” connection to users’ destinations. The Bikeshare program is designed to be used by citizens, tourists, and commuters, to move more efficiently and effectively throughout the City.
How does this program help commuters and tourists?This program provides a healthy and economical transportation option for members to easily move throughout the Central Business District. Providing this extra transportation choice reduces parking demand, relieves traffic congestion, reduces pollution levels, and allows for an alternative to the automobile.
How old do I have to be to use the bikeshare program?The bikeshare program requires members to be at least eighteen (18) years of age to enroll.
When will the program begin operating?The bikeshare program is estimated to begin in the spring of 2015.
How do I sign up?For membership information, please visit orlandobikeshare.com.
What is the cost to the taxpayers?The bikeshare program is a private company; the City of Orlando is not providing a subsidy to help with the implementation, operation, or maintenance of the program.
Where can I find more information about bikesharing in Orlando?For more information regarding the bikeshare program please visit orlandobikeshare.com.
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