Bike Share


What is Bike Share?

Bike Share is a short-term bicycle rental program, available to registered members. The City of Orlando recognizes the need to complement the LYMMO and SunRail systems with an additional service that will help accomplish the “last mile” connection to users’ destinations. The Bike Share Program is designed to provide citizens, tourists, and commuters with an additional transportation option that is affordable and ecologically friendly.

How do I sign up for a membership?

Program memberships can be purchased online at: or at any station kiosk. Members can rent a bicycle at any time during the membership period, from any station, and return the bicycle to any station within the network. Members must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

How does it work?

Find and reserve a bike using the mobile app, website, or by using the keypad on the bike at one of twenty conveniently located stations. Once you have reserved your ride, enter your 4-digit PIN code on the keypad to unlock the bike. To end your trip, just lock your bike at one of the stations using the keypad on the bicycle. The program utilizes GPS, smart phone capability, and website technology for membership access and rentals.

How much does it cost?

Pay-as-you-go rates start at $5 per hour. Monthly memberships start at just $15 per month. For rate details, including information regarding corporate memberships, founding memberships, and student plans, please visit:

Do I have to return the bike to the station from which it was rented?

You can return the bike to any station; just lock the bike to end the rental. Bicycles can be returned to a standard bike rack at any location for a small additional fee.

What if I want to make a stop, but I’m not ready to end my rental?

No problem! Just press the “HOLD” button and lock the bike to any bike rack. When you are ready to continue riding, enter your 4-digit PIN to unlock the bicycle.

How many Bike Share bicycles are there, and where can I find them?

Two hundred (200) bicycles will be provided at twenty (20) stations for Phase I of the program. A map of the station locations can be viewed HERE

Where can I find more information?

For more information about Bike Share, please visit:

For more information regarding bicycling in the City of Orlando, please visit the City’s website

When did Bike Share begin?

Bike Share officially launched on Friday, January 9, 2015. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held with Mayor Dyer to commemorate the opening of the first four (4) stations.


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