Lake Underhill Path

The Lake Underhill Path is located three (3) miles east of Downtown Orlando adjacent to the Orlando Executive Airport. The trail is twelve (12) feet wide with a loop around Lake Underhill. The Lake Underhill Path provides a direct connection to six parks within the City’s parks network, from Festival Park to the Park of the Americas, while also providing access to various restaurants, retail, and employment centers such as Bumby Plaza and the Orlando Executive Airport.

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The Lake Underhill Path is important to the City of Orlando because it provides a direct connection between residential subdivisions, employment centers and recreational opportunities. This off-street connection provides citizens and tourists with a healthy and convenient way to frequent the various parks and community amenities the City of Orlando has to offer.

Trail Characteristics:

Lake Underhill Path is part of the Orlando Fitness Trail System, providing multiple fitness stations along the south side of Lake Underhill. This unique trail is of interest to nature lovers and aviation enthusiasts. Small aircraft, private jets, and helicopters can be viewed taking off from and landing at Orlando Executive Airport. Boat ramps provide opportunities for fishing on the lake, and bird watchers have the opportunity to observe a multitude of wildlife. Starting at Festival Park, the Lake Underhill Path meanders south adjacent to Colonel Joe Kittinger Park and the Orlando Skate Park, continues along the south side of Lake Underhill through West Underhill Park and Lake Underhill Park, and ends at the Park of the Americas.

Neighborhoods Served by the Lake Underhill Path:

  • Dover Shores East
  • East Central Park
  • Lake Underhill
  • Monterrey
  • The Dovers

Destinations Served by the Lake Underhill Path:

  • Colonial Plaza
  • Colonel Joe Kittinger Park
  • Festival Park
  • Lake Underhill
  • Orlando Executive Airport
  • Orlando Skate Park
  • Park of the Americas

Number of Bicyclists/Pedestrians on the Lake Underhill Path:

  • Daily Average: 645
  • Monthly Average: 20,640
  • Annual Average: 247,680
  • Busiest Day of the Week: Tuesday


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