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Milk & Mills 50 Districts Bicycle and Pedestrian Study

The Milk and Mills 50 Main Street Districts have their own character, culture, architecture, infrastructure, and sense of community. These unique differences have created vibrant commercial districts that are favorable to businesses, citizens, and visitors to the City of Orlando.

However, like many U.S. main streets districts, there is a vital need to improve roadway facilities, landscaping, sidewalks, street lighting, and bicycle facilities. These issues become even more important when considering the proximity of these districts to high volume streets (pedestrian and vehicular), schools, hospitals, residential communities, and parks and recreational facilities.

Considering the improvements needed, and the complexities associated with each district, this study will analyze the transportation network and provide recommendations for future projects. The ultimate goal of this study will be to enhance the transportation network by addressing issues associated with Americans with Disabilities (ADA), walkablility, bikeability, and place-making.

Affected Area
The boundaries for this study along Mills Avenue extend from Lake Formosa south to East Concord Street and on Colonial Drive (State Road 50) between Summerlin Avenue and Fern Creek Avenue. For the Milk District, this encompasses Rosedale Road south to East South Street and the area between Bumby Avenue and Crystal Lake Drive.

Public Workshop
A public workshop was held on July 12, 2018, to discuss proposed bicycle and pedestrian improvements for the Milk and Mills 50 Main Street Districts.

The study will take place from September 2017 to August 2018.

For more information or questions, please contact Ian Sikonia, Senior Planner, at 407.246.3325 or