Orlando Southeast Trail

The Orlando Southeast Trail is located east of the Orlando International Airport near Narcoossee Road, twenty miles (20) from Downtown Orlando. The trail is approximately thirteen (13) miles long and twelve (12) feet wide. 90% of the trail is an off-street path, with asphalt and concrete sections.  The trail meanders around southeast Orlando through various suburban and rural landscapes, highlighting the environmental diversity of the area.

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The Orlando Southeast Trail provides a safe and convenient connection to numerous neighborhoods, schools, and employment centers located in southeast Orlando. The trail provides citizens and tourists with recreational options and commuting needs that connect different local and regional destinations in an emerging and vibrant area. This trail also helps provide better connectivity around an area of the City that is currently not served by mass transit.

Trail Characteristics:

This tree-lined trail provides ample shade for cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy the serenity of southeast Orlando.  The trail is a favorite of nature lovers due to the numerous birds, mammals, and reptiles that can be seen throughout the trail network.  The City has provided maps throughout the trail network to provide users with easier navigation and a better awareness of their surroundings.

Neighborhoods Served by the Orlando Southeast Trail:

  • East Park
  • Education Village
  • Lake Nona Central
  • Lake Nona Estates
  • Lake Nona South
  • LaVina
  • Northlake Park at Lake Nona
  • Randal Park

Schools Served by the Orlando Southeast Trail:

  • Lake Nona High School
  • Lake Nona Middle School
  • Northlake Park Community School
  • Sun Blaze Elementary School

Destinations Served by the Orlando Southeast Trail:

  • Cornerstone at Lake Hart Commercial Center
  • Lake Nona YMCA Family Center
  • Medical City
  • Moss Park



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