Orlando Urban Trail

The Orlando Urban Trail is located near Downtown Orlando and is considered the spine of Orlando’s trail network. The trail is approximately three (3) miles long and twelve (12) feet wide. 85% of the trail is an off-street path, with asphalt and concrete sections.  The trail runs from Lake Highland through Loch Haven Park, to Mead Garden in Winter Park. Highlights include connections to six lakes, Orlando Cultural Park, and the Gaston Edwards Trail.

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The Orlando Urban Trail is the primary north/south bicycle corridor that connects Downtown Orlando with the surrounding neighborhoods. This trail connection is an important link for bicycle commuters and recreational users, for both weekdays and weekend use. This trail will eventually extend through Downtown Orlando to Winter Park. This trail is the primary off-street connection to Downtown Orlando and various employment centers along the trail such as Florida Hospital.

Trail Characteristics:

This trail is one of the most urban and scenic in the Orlando Trail Network, due to its location near Downtown Orlando. The Orlando Urban Trail meanders around six lakes with two bridges that provide users with picturesque vistas of the City’s environmental treasures, and shade from live oak trees. The City has provided maps throughout the trail network to provide cyclists with easier navigation and a better awareness of their surroundings.

Neighborhoods Served by the Orlando Urban Trail:

  • Lake Formosa
  • North Orange
  • Orwin Manor
  • Park Lake/Highland
  • Uptown

Schools Served by the Orlando Urban Trail:

  • Fern Creek Elementary School
  • Lake Highland Preparatory School

Destinations Served by the Orlando Urban Trail:

  • Downtown Orlando
  • Gaston Edwards Park
  • Loch Haven Park
  • Mills 50 and Ivanhoe Main Street Districts
  • Orlando Science Center

Number of Bicyclists/Pedestrians on the Orlando Urban Trail:

  • Daily Average: 176
  • Monthly Average: 5,469
  • Annual Average: 65,628
  • Busiest Day of the Week: Sunday


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