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Pedestrian Safety

pedestrian safety header pedestrians in crosswalk with crossing guard police officer

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city projects

One of the City’s top priorities is expanding and enhancing our transportation options to connect more of our residents with access to jobs and opportunity, encourage active lifestyles, and reduce our impact on the environment.

Ensuring that these options are safe is a key component to the City’s focus, which is why we have made significant investments to enhance pedestrian safety, including:

Safe Walking Tips

  • Always cross streets at marked crosswalks
  • Use good judgment when making a crossing that has a pedestrian countdown symbol
  • Before crossing the roadway always remember to look left-right-left
  • If a vehicle approaches the crossing make eye contact to ensure the driver understands your intended movement
  • Make sure all lanes are clear before you cross the street

Download the City of Orlando’s Pedestrian Safety Brochure (PDF)

education resources

Another key partner in increasing pedestrian safety in our community is YOU – our residents and visitors. Learning about pedestrian laws and being mindful of pedestrians helps to support our efforts. Together, as our City continues to grow, our efforts to enhance the safety of our pedestrians will continue to grow.


Best Foot Forward
Bike/Walk Central Florida
FDOT Pedestrian Safety
Metroplan Orlando
Orange County Pedestrian Safety

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

How to Use an RRFB

  1. Press the button to activate the RRFB signals; lights will begin to flash to indicate to motorists a pedestrian is ready to cross
  2. Before entering crosswalk, make eye contact with motorists to ensure traffic is yielding
  3. Walk defensively, scan both directions to verify motorists see you
  4. Always scan the road while crossing, making sure all vehicles have stopped

Download the RRFB Tip Card (PDF)

Find more resources and information about pedestrian safety at

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