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Transportation Advisory Committee

To update the City’s Transportation Concurrency Management System as a means to balance the economic development need while ensuring that multi-modal transportation facilities and services needed to support development and redevelopment are available and concurrent with the impacts of such development.

• Recommend changes to the Concurrency Management Chapter of the Land Development Code, transportation Element and /or the Capital Improvements Element in conformance with State law.

• Review concurrency management systems from other jurisdictions to ensure that the City is utilizing best management practices as it relates to transportation concurrency management.

• Review proposed changes to the City’s fiscal model as they relate to the provision of transportation infrastructure for residents, workers and visitors.

• Review of balancing economic development needs with the provision of a multi-modal transportation system to accommodate future needs.

Specific Tasks
• Review data from other jurisdictions regarding the implementation of the Proportionate Fair Share requirements of SB 360.

• Evaluate the City’s proposed proportionate fair share amendment for compliance with the requirements of SB 360 and current concurrency management procedures.

• Recommend changes to the Concurrency Management Chapter of the Land Development Code, Transportation Element and/or the Capital Improvements Element required by State law.

• Review calculation assumptions and data from the recently completed impact fee update.

• Recommend additional implementation of the existing impact fee study or recommend further study based on the findings of the committee.

• Review the City’s Transportation Concurrency Exception Area and recommend changes to the boundaries and policies pertaining to it.

• Review other transportation related initiatives as necessary.

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