Transportation Impact Fees

In an effort to create jobs and promote economic prosperity in our community through new businesses and construction, Mayor Dyer and the Orlando City Council have modified the City’s transportation impact fee collection criteria for certain qualifying small businesses.

In addition, the City’s transportation impact fee policies have been amended to encourage transit oriented development (TOD) by providing fee reductions or waivers for qualifying TODs.

To see if your business or development meets the qualifying criteria, or to schedule a meeting to apply for a Transportation Impact Fee reduction or waiver, please contact the City’s Transportation Impact Fee Coordinator, Nancy Ottini at 407.246.3529 or

Transportation Planning oversees the Orlando Transportation Impact Fee Ordinance (Chapter 56 of the City Code) and coordinates oversight with the Office of Permitting Services, which handles day-to-day collections and administration. Staff works to use the ordinance as part of the broader goal of implementing the City’s Transportation Element of the Growth Management Plan.

The Orlando City Council adopted the ordinance in 1986. An amended ordinance and updated rate sheet was adopted on Sept. 10, 2012. It ensures that new growth and development pays a share of the cost of new and/or expanded transportation facilities necessary to accommodate such development.

The objective of this coordinated effort is to assist the general public and the community under development with all facets of the ordinance. The goals of this program are to administer the ordinance in a fair and equitable manner; to properly account for impact fees collected and expended in support of the program; and to ensure the funds are used to provide for the transportation needs created by new growth and development.

If you have further questions regarding Transportation Impact Fees, please email Nancy Ottini, the City of Orlando’s Transportation Impact Fee Coordinator or call 407.246.3529.

The following PDF files include copies of the current ordinance, the report detailing the reasoning behind the new fee structure and the current rate schedule.


City of Orlando Code, Please Scroll down to Chapter 56

Road Impact Fee Benefit Area Map

 Current Rate Schedule

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