Traffic Signal Maintenance Facility

Traffic Signal Maintenance (TSM) is responsible for the maintenance of 500 signalized Intersections, 21 School Zone Flashers, and 21 Warning Flasher Locations.

The TSM also maintains the Regional Computerized Signal System (RCSS) consisting of 40 plus miles of twisted pair and fiber optic communication cable that keeps all locations communicating and maximizes signal timing.

Signalization General Notes

Some of the equipment maintained by the TSM includes:

N.E.M.A . TS1 & TS2 Controllers
Ethernet Devices (IP Addresses)
Fiber Optic Signs
LED Countdown Peds
Audible Peds Locations
DMS Signs
Radio Communication Devices

Internally Illuminated Street Name Signs
Fiber Optic Cable
GPS Opticom Units
Infrared Opticom Units
Video Detection Devices
LED Signals


Utility Agency Owners (UAO) should send requests for utility information for future work in right of way to the City Transportation Engineer, PO Box 4990, Orlando, FL 32802-4990 or to the Orlando Traffic Signal Construction mailbox


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