In observance of Memorial Day, City Hall and all city offices will be closed on Monday, May 28, 2018.
Residential trash pickup on Monday will occur as usual.

Private Property Trees

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Residents within City limits are eligible to receive free trees 

Do you live in the City limits? Find out on Orlando Information Locator.

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Choose the type of tree you want. Take a look at the various species we have to offer to find the right one for you. View available trees here.


Use our online tree placement tool on This tool will help you outline your property lines, determine where to avoid power lines and place your tree to maximize shade and energy savings. See additional resources available to help you make a decision.


Learn how to care for your tree once it arrives on your doorstep. Find out how to prep the soil, water, fertilize and mulch.


Available Trees for the 2018 Spring/Summer Season

Canopy Trees
Canopy trees can be planted if the right-of-way is at least 6′ wide, these trees will grow taller.

Bald Cypress Tree
Bald Cypress

Cypress is a moderately fast-growing tree. Its pale green leaves turn a bright coppery color before dropping in the fall. Though Cypress are often seen growing around lakes, they also thrive in dry urban locations away from sidewalks, homes and driveways.



tulip poplar tree
Tulip Poplar

This moderate-to-rapid-growing deciduous tree will bloom with sweet-smelling, tulip-like, greenish-yellow flowers in the mid-spring. Its canopy forms an oval crown and grows from a strong central trunk.


Sweetbay Magnolia Sold Out
Sweetbay Magnolia

Sweetbay Magnolias are medium-sized evergreen trees that seem to glimmer in the wind due to the whitish-green underside of their leaves. Their cream-colored, lemon-scented flowers, bloom from June through September.


Live Oak

Live Oak

Live Oaks are moderate-growing, sprawling evergreen canopy trees. They are drought-resistant and highly tolerant of urban conditions. They can grow to 60-80 feet tall and are broad-spreading and round. They are drought tolerant and prefer full sun.


Understory Trees
Understory trees are best if you have overhead power lines or a narrow parkway, as they grow shorter than canopy trees.

Yaupon Holly
Yaupon Holly

Moderate growing evergreen tree. Its showy, red berries attract pollinators in the fall. It’s a rounded vase, multi-stem tree that can be clipped into a tight hedge or allowed to grow as a small tree with contorted trunks.


Chickasaw Plum Sold Out
Chickasaw Plum

In early spring small, white, fragrant flowers cover the branches. The 0.5-inch-diameter fruits which follow are red, ripening to yellow, and are tart until they ripen in the late summer. The plums are either eaten fresh or used to make a delicious jelly.


Fringe Sold Out

The Fringe tree blossoms in spring and is blanketed with fragrant white flowers which make it appear to be covered in cotton. A medium-sized tree, the Fringe tree is an excellent addition to a diverse home landscape.


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