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Street Trees


In an effort to preserve our street tree canopy, the City of Orlando provides trees to homeowners.

  • No cost to the homeowner
  • Two trees in your front right-of-way
  • Four trees on a corner lot

Residents within City limits are eligible to receive free private trees and/or street trees. 

Do you live in the City limits? Check our Orlando Information Locator using your address (although your mailing address may say “Orlando, FL”, certain areas of the region are under Orange County jurisdiction).

Choose the type of tree you want. Take a look at the various species we have to offer to find the right one for you. View available trees here.


Use our online form to place your order.Please note, the City determines the most appropriate location for the tree. See additional resources available to help you make a decision.


Learn how to care for your tree once it arrives on your yard. Find out how to prep the soil, water, fertilize and mulch.


Tree Types

Choose between a canopy or an understory tree

  • Canopy trees can be planted if the right-of-way is at least 6′ wide, these trees will grow taller.
  • Understory trees are best if you have overhead power lines or a narrow parkway, as they grow shorter than canopy trees.

Click on the tree image for more information.

Canopy Trees

NameEvergreen or DeciduousHeight (ft.)Growth SpeedFlowers/Fruit
Live Oak
Evergreen60-80ModerateEvergreen canopy
Nuttall Oak
Deciduous40-60Moderate/FastRed leaves in the fall
Southern Magnolia
Evergreen40-60Slow/ModerateWhite flowers in the summer
Tabebuia Ipe
Deciduous12-18ModeratePink/purple blooms in the summer
Winged Elm
Deciduous40-50FastYellow leaves in the fall

Understory Trees

NameEvergreen or DeciduousHeight (ft.)Growth SpeedFlowers/Fruit
Crape Myrtle
Deciduous10-30FastVarious bloom colors in the spring
Eagleston Holly
Evergreen15-25ModerateWill fruit small berries in the spring
Japanese Blueberry
Evergreen30-40ModerateWill fruit small, blue fruit in the spring; blooms will be white/green
Yaupon Holly
Evergreen15-25ModerateWill fruit small berries in the spring
Yellow Tabebuia
Deciduous25-35ModerateYellow flowers in the spring

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