Wastewater Division

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The Wastewater Division works hard to provide the most effective, customer-oriented wastewater collection and treatment to the citizens of Orlando and Central Florida.

Division Goals

  • Maintaining the adequacy of the short and long term effluent disposal capacity through the expansion of the Conserv I reuse system, continued expansion of the citrus irrigation program (and alternatives to citrus) for Conserv II and increased artificial wetlands permitted capacity.
  • Meet the EPA and FDEP permit limits at our treatment plants with a goal of at least 99-percent compliance.
  • Meet all concurrency requirements of the Growth Management Plan through an ongoing evaluation of system demands versus system capabilities.
  • Ensure appropriate system maintenance for both plants and collection systems through ongoing evaluations of the condition of the sanitary sewers, lift stations and treatment plants relative to reliability and longevity.
  • Taking a proactive role in such areas as groundwater contamination, industrial pretreatment and advising other City departments taking on environmental concerns.
  • Expand the community’s environmental awareness through enhanced public education, student in-class and tour programs and information exchange and technology transfers with other communities.

For sanitary sewer system stop sewer or overflows please contact 407.246.2213.


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