Grease Management Program

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door hanger_-01On behalf of the City of Orlando, we want to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Grease Management Program.  As you may know, one of the remaining major point sources of pollution is overflows from the sanitary sewer system.  In most cases, these overflows are preventable.  In response to the mandate from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) initiated a statewide program to prevent sewer system overflows, which can contaminate stormwater systems, lakes and other surface waters, and pose public health problems.  The primary cause of sewer system overflows is the discharge of excessive amounts of oils & greases to the wastewater system.  Oil & grease creates clogs in the collection system and forms layers in lift stations which renders the float system inoperable.

To facilitate your participation in the program, the City has created an online version of its  Grease Trap Certificate Application and the Oil & Water/Sand Separators Certificate Application.  Also available online is the Private Sewer System Management Application.

For more detailed information on the Oil and Grease program please review our Program Summary page or an applicable excerpt from the City regulation.
If you should have any questions concerning the Grease Management Program or need assistance completing the User Information Survey, please feel free to contact the Environmental Control Section at 407.246-2664.  Your cooperation and assistance with the Grease Management Program  is appreciated.

Questions regarding this form, please contact the City of Orlando’s Wastewater Division at 407.246.2213.


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