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Industrial Waste Pretreatment

Industrial Waste Pretreatment


Industrial Wastewater

The three City of Orlando water reclamation plants Iron Bridge, Conserv I, and Conserv II receive a total of approximately 36 million gallons per day of wastewater. Much of this is attained from domestic wastewater, but a large portion is received by industrial wastewater. Industrial wastewater permitting is increasingly important for protection of our state’s most precious natural resource—water.



There are several industries that require pretreatment that include, but are not limited to; manufacturing, commercial businesses, mining, agricultural production and processing, and wastewater from cleanup of petroleum and chemical contaminated sites. Pretreatment is the removal, reduction, or alteration of pollutants in industrial wastewater prior to discharge or introduction into a domestic water reclamation treatment facility.



The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Industrial Waste Program issues permits to facilities and activities that discharge to surface waters and ground waters of the state. However, industries that discharges to the City of Orlando water reclamation treatment facilities are regulated under the City of Orlando Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program. All Industrial wastewater discharges must comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws, including the Clean Water Act (33 United States Code § 1251 et seq.) and the General Pretreatment Regulations (40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 403 and Chapter 62-625, F.A.C).

More information and resources for the Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program:

For information about a sanitary sewer discharge permit for industrial users, groundwater cleanups, dewatering, and others contact the Environmental Control Section at 407.246.2664. Your efforts to demonstrate exceptional environmental actions are considered necessary.

Questions regarding this form, please contact the City of Orlando’s Water Reclamation Division at 407.246.2213.