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Private Sewer System Management

Private Sewer System Management Program
Sanitary Sewers
Sanitary sewer collection systems are essential to our daily lives here in Orlando. They provide a means of collecting sewer water from homes, buildings and businesses. Underground piping throughout the city transports the dirty water to a sewer treatment facility for processing.

Sanitary Sewer Access Lid

Private Sanitary Sewers
If a facility or property is large enough, it may have its own private sanitary sewer system to convey waste to the public sanitary sewer. The facility is responsible for this section of sewer lines until the point of connection with the public sewer line in the area. It is essential that these lines be inspected regularly and remain free of blockages or defects which could result in a sanitary sewer overflow. Sanitary sewer overflows are one of the few remaining point sources of pollution here in the US. These facilities may also have lift stations at the property. A lift station uses pumps to collect and move sanitary sewer throughout the property. These devices usually consist of a pumps, piping, and floats which must be maintained properly to ensure the device is working properly. 

View of inside lift station wet well

Management Program
Facilities in Orlando that own or operate a private sanitary sewer system, or have a private sanitary sewer lift station on site, should register for the Private Sewer System Management Program. The City has created an online version of its Private Sewer System Management Survey. This program ensures that all private sanitary sewer systems are operating in an efficient manner and that regular maintenance is performed. By doing this, the chance of having sanitary sewer overflows occur on site can be reduced.For more detailed information on the Private Sewer System Management Program please review this excerpt from the City regulation. Additionally you can view system requirements mandated by this program in the Private Sewer System Requirements documentation. For recommendations on maintenance of private sewer systems please review our Private Sewer Maintenance Tips Sheet.
If you should have any questions concerning the Private Sewer System Management Program or need assistance completing the User Information Survey, please feel free to contact the Environmental Supervisor at 407.246.3086. Your cooperation and assistance with this program is appreciated.